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What We Do

We are a small scale hedgehog rescue in Otley, West Yorkshire, taking in sick, injured or overwintering hedgehogs from our local area.

hog c.jpg

When taking in a hedgehog the first thing we do is to determine what is wrong with it. This can be difficult at times as hedgehogs curl up very tight when scared. All hedgehogs are weighed and sexed it is always very important at certain times of the year to determine if a female hedgehog is likely to be a nursing mother, if so we would have to go to where she was found to locate her nest so mum and hoglets can be reunited.


Any external parasites; ticks, fly eggs or larvae (fly strike) are removed as these have a large impact on the health of a hedgehog.


All hedgehogs that come into us have a faeces sample tested under a microscope to see if they have any internal parasites that need treating. A course of treatment is then decided, which could include a range of prescription and 'over the counter' medicines. Sometimes veterinary help is required or we consult with specialists across the country.

snuggly hog.jpg

Once assessed our prickly patient is put into their own pen, often with an electric heat pad, where they can snuggle into a fleecy blanket with food and water within easy reach. 


Sometimes our hedgehogs are rehabilitated in our outside enclosure. This gradually gets them used to being outside, being wild again and starting to fend for themselves.

Image by Benjamin Davies

Once nursed back to health, and up to the required weight and size, the hedgehogs are returned to the wild near to where they were originally found, where possible and safe.

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