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Our data has been used in various research projects, and we are always happy to work with organisations or individuals who are looking for data to use for any hedgehog related studies. 


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Leeds University

Prickly pigs have been collaborating with the University of Leeds to understand hedgehog conservation.


Led by Dr Cassandra Raby, Biodiversity and Conservation


"MSc students Becky Mocatta, Holly Vaux and Charlotte Birch conducted research projects on the hedgehog populations in Otley and surrounding areas with the help of Prickly Pigs.


From this research the Becky developed a method for identifying the microchipped hedgehogs released from Prickly Pigs in order to monitor the success of their rehabilitation. Holly was able to illustrate where hedgehogs prefer to live in Otley, using footprint tunnels in different locations. And Charlotte explored whether rescued hedgehogs have higher parasites than hedgehogs that were healthy in the wild. She found that rescued hedgehogs tend to have higher infection levels of fluke parasites.


The research enables us to determine which parasites put hedgehogs at risk of rehabilitation and we are now able to monitor hedgehogs after release to assess the success of rehabilitation."

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