Our Stories

Unfortunately, not all of our hedgehog stories have a happy ending but here are some that do.



Snuffles was a juvenile, weighing just 216g, when she came to us towards the end of autumn. She has been spotted outside by the finder who was concerned, and rightly so, that she was too small to survive hibernation. She stayed with us over the winter putting on much needed weight and hibernating for some of it. Once spring came, and she woke up, she spent a little bit of time in our outside enclosure to get used to being in the wild again and then released back into the wild.


Pearl was found by the roadside one Sunday lunchtime and was brought to us. She was suffering from dehydration so was immediately given subcutaneous fluids. After a poo sample was tested she was then treated for roundworm and fluke, and ringworm on her ears and nose. She was with us for almost a month and then returned back to a hedgehog friendly garden near to where she was originally found.



Big was big when he was found, hence the name, but being outside during the day indicated something was wrong. He had a dreadful barking cough and tested positive for lungworm. After being treated he was still a good weight but it was now early winter and, due to lots of rain and flooding and a sudden temperature drop, the decision was made to overwinter him with us. Once he was ready to go back to the wild he was released in grounds of a hedgehog friendly school, near to where he was originally found.


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