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As a primary school teacher I am passionate about educating children. This enthusiasm, for me, does not just stop at the school gate and it is our job to educate our next generation on how to look after our planet and the wildlife on it.


If you are a teacher or community youth group leader based in the Leeds area and would like me to visit your children please get in touch. We do not charge anything for our visits but always appreciate a donation of some kind, whether it's a fundraising event, a quick 'whip round' or collecting donations of wet cat or dog food, every little helps us greatly.

2nd Otley Monday Scouts

Hedgehog House Building

An Appreciative Owner

scouts 1.JPG
scouts 2.JPG

After a chat about hedgehogs 2nd Otley Monday Scouts decided to have a go at building hedgehog houses.

Not only did they learn about helping wild hedgehogs they also got to practice their carpentry skills.

The finished houses were brilliant and were placed in local hedgehog friendly school grounds.

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