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Meet the hedgehogs

Our hedgehogs and where they came from

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Date Admitted:

West Park

23 September 2023





Weight (gm):


I?m a rather large hedgehog living in my cosy neighbourhood when I found myself in a bit of a pickle. My curiosity led me between two fences, where I got stuck! Thankfully, some kind folks rescued me and brought me to Prickly Pigs Hedgehog Rescue. There, I received lots of love and care until I was strong enough to go back home. When the time came, they released me into the wild, where I could roam freely once more. My adventure taught me to be more careful and not to try and squeeze into gaps that are a bit too small for me!

Fleas are normal to find on wild animals and hedgehogs are no exception. The good news is that hedgehog fleas are species specific and can not live on cats or dogs, or anywhere else other than another hedgehog.

Did you know?

You can support Prickly Pigs and the work we do by adopting a hedgehog. The money goes directly to support hedgehog care. Click on the picture below to sponsor.


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