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Meet the hedgehogs

Our hedgehogs and where they came from

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Date Admitted:


10 July 2023





Weight (gm):


I lived happily in a cosy garden. However, one moonlit night, I was spotted outside, coughing terribly. A worried passersby discovered me and swiftly took me to Prickly Pigs Hedgehog Rescue. At the rescue, I received the most wonderful care imaginable. The volunteers fed me scrumptious treats and nestled me in warm blankets, providing comfort and care. Each passing day saw me grow stronger and healthier. After a while, when I was feeling fit and lively once more, the rescue released me back into my familiar garden. Delighted, I nestled into my favourite spot, grateful to be feeling better and home again

In 2020 we had an albino hedgehog come to the rescue. They are very rare with only 1 in 100,000 hedgehogs being born. We called him Jack Frost and he attracted a lot of attention.

Did you know?

You can support Prickly Pigs and the work we do by adopting a hedgehog. The money goes directly to support hedgehog care. Click on the picture below to sponsor.


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