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Meet the hedgehogs

Our hedgehogs and where they came from

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Ey Up


Date Admitted:


01 August 2023





Weight (gm):


I?m Ey Up from a family of hoglets, Nah Then, and Ow Do! We were born at Prickly Pigs Hedgehog Rescue, on Yorkshire Day, but our mum couldn't take care of us. That's okay, though, because the nice people at the rescue became my family instead! They fed me yummy food and cuddled us close, making sure I felt loved every day. As I grew bigger, I played together and learned all sorts of hedgehog tricks. When I was old enough it was time to go back to the wild and I?d become quite a huffy hedgehog. Now, I?m out in the world, exploring and having fun.

You can help hedgehogs that visit your garden by leaving out a bowl of meaty wet cat or dog food or cat biscuits. Don't forget to make sure there is always a bowl of water, especially in the summer months.

Did you know?

You can support Prickly Pigs and the work we do by adopting a hedgehog. The money goes directly to support hedgehog care. Click on the picture below to sponsor.


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