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Meet the hedgehogs

Our hedgehogs and where they came from

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Date Admitted:

Burley in Wharfedale

30 June 2023





Weight (gm):


When I was a hoglet I found myself alone in the big world, chirping for attention under the bright sun. Luckily, caring hands scooped me up and carried me to Prickly Pigs Hedgehog Rescue. At the rescue, I was showered with warmth and care. They fed me delicious meals and snuggled me tight whenever I squeaked for food and cuddles. As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, I grew stronger and happier in their loving embrace. But as I grew older, it was time to bid farewell to my cosy nest at Prickly Pigs. With a heart full of gratitude, I ventured back into the wild so I could live a great wild hedgehog live.

Did you know that slugs and snails only make up 5% of a hedgehogs diet?

Did you know?

You can support Prickly Pigs and the work we do by adopting a hedgehog. The money goes directly to support hedgehog care. Click on the picture below to sponsor.


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