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Welcome to Prickly Pigs Hedgehog Rescue

A Helping Hand for Hedgehogs in and around Otley, West Yorkshire

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We, at Prickly Pigs Hedgehog Rescue, are hoping to give hedgehogs a helping hand by not only taking in sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs but also raising the public's awareness of the plight of Britain's much loved hedgehogs and provide practical tips on how they can make their gardens hedgehog friendly.



11 May 24 - Prickly Pigs Fundraiser
18 May 24 - Otley Show
25 May 24 - Leeds Museum Fundraiser
15 June 24 - Otley Carnival
18 August 24 - Arthington Show and
Burley in Wharfedale Summer Festival

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Hedgehogs are declining rapidly in Britain. Over the past 20 years hedgehog population has plummeted by 30% and in some areas as much as 50% (People's Trust for Endangered Species). 

Find out how you can help hedgehogs here

Since opening in 2020, this family-run rescue treats 100's of hedgehogs each year. 

Open 365 days a year, all funding for the rescue's financial needs is solely reliant on public donations and fundraising efforts of the team.


Adopt One of Our Released Hedgehogs

Each Keel plushie hedgehog is named after one of our prickly patients that has been in the rescue, successfully treated and released back into the wild. The Adoption Pack also includes an adoption certificate, pin badge and the story of the adopted hedgehog. 
For more details visit our shop

The Rescue in numbers

Every year the Rescue takes in hundreds of hedgehogs that are in need of some help in some form. This number is growing each year.

2020  150 patients
2021  220 patients
2022  307 patients
2023  504 patients

Help with the cost of treating and rehabilitating one of our patients by purchasing one of our lovely Sponsor a Hedgehog packs. You can choose two gorgeous gifts, from our amazing selection, along with an adoption certificate telling you which hedgehog you are directly helping and a beautiful photograph card. For this perfect gift, for yourself or an animal lover, head over to our shop

Why not sponsor one of our current patients?

Monthly Sponsorship

Can you afford to donate £2, £5 or £10 each month?

Regular monthly sponsorships ensure we are able to keep doing what we do. 

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