Help Us

We are funding Prickly Pigs ourselves but there are various ways for you to help us.


Donate money via PayPal.Me.

Any money received will be put to use straight away by helping to pay for hedgehog food, veterinary bills, medicine and other essential equipment needed to care for our patients.


Please select 'friends and family' so that we receive all the donation and do not have to pay a fee.

Can you spare £2 per month?

Lots of small monthly amounts soon add up. Setting up a standing order is super easy and you stay completely in control. 

Over the course of a year even a small monthly donation makes a big difference. 

£2 a month (£24) covers the cost of an x-ray of a poorly leg.

£5 a month (£60) provides complete care of one hedgehog (on average)

Here is the rescues bank details

Sort code 20-98-98

Account number 13033198

A/C Name Prickly Pigs Hedgehog Rescue


Donating Essential Equipment

You can donate goods as we are always in need of good quality cat and dog food, latex gloves, blue paper towel rolls and some 'over the counter' medicine ie. Ovex suspension (human thread worm treatment) is available at chemists and is used to treat certain hedgehog parasites. Please get in touch with us if you have anything suitable to donate.

Some of these items, and more, can be bought through our Amazon Wishlist and will be delivered straight to our door.

Friends at School

Help Us Spread the Word

At Prickly Pigs Hedgehog Rescue we are dedicated to help sick hedgehogs but equally want to raise awareness of the plight of our nations lovely hedgehogs and educated the public on how they can help. So, please spread the word, visit our Face Book page (like and follow) and let friends, family and neighbours know what they can do to help.

We are most grateful for any help in any shape or form.
Thank you.