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Meet the hedgehogs

Our hedgehogs and where they came from

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Rainbow Drop


Date Admitted:


14 June 2023





Weight (gm):


I was found out during the day when I was only a small hoglet. I had lost my mummy and didn?t know how to look after myself properly so, I was taken to Prickly Pigs Hedgehog Rescue where I was made all warm and cosy. They looked after me until I was big enough to look after myself and was released back into a lovely hedgehog friendly garden where I can live the wild life

A hedgehog does not have very good eye sight but they have great sense of smell and good hearing.

Did you know?

You can support Prickly Pigs and the work we do by adopting a hedgehog. The money goes directly to support hedgehog care. Click on the picture below to sponsor.


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